Mattel's MindRacers brings Hot Wheels to iPads

Jade Burke

By Jade Burke

September 28th 2017 at 3:52PM
UPDATED September 29th 2017 at 9:48AM
Mattel's MindRacers brings Hot Wheels to iPads

MindRacers will allow fans to race Hot Wheels cars in an augmented reality world.

Mattel and Osmo are taking Hot Wheels into the augmented reality world, with the launch of MindRacers.

The Osmo MindRacers package comes complete with a racetrack and six Hot Wheels cars, which are all compatible with the iPad-based game.

Pramod Sharma, CEO of Osma, said: “Hot Wheels created an iconic childhood toy by inspiring imaginations with healthy play centered on physical cars,” reports The Next Web.

“Now, we’re taking that beloved experience and blending it with the power of computer vision and AI to bring these cars to life.”

Fans can begin racing by hitting the device’s launch button, which will show the car’s starting to accelerate on screen.

To win, users must throw tokens in front of the iPad’s screen, which can be used to help the car’s accelerate, hit opponents or use power-ups.

Check out the video for MindRacers below: