JAKKS Pacific on Disney, dolls and new developments

JAKKS Pacific on Disney, dolls and new developments

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May 27th 2015 at 4:00PM

It is with more than a touch of modesty that JAKKS Pacific’s marketing director Ken Goodisson describes 2014 as ‘an eventful year for the company’.
Following one that saw the toy manufacturer surge to an 84 per cent sales increase in Q4 and walk away from the London Toy Fair with a Toy of the Year 2014 award, Goodisson would be forgiven for being a little more projecting.

Particularly when it is the ever-popular Disney’s Frozen Snow Glow Elsa doll – a key driver behind the strength of the firm’s end of year results – that continues to “outperform expectations, this far on into spring.”
But that must be because Jakks Pacific isn’t a company to pore over the success of yesterday, but continue to develop and drive its business towards further growth, with new concepts to benefit retailers across the globe.
And leading from the front this year, the firm is championing its My First 14-inch Toddler Dolls, featuring an entire cast of Disney Princesses, including Aurora, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Belle, Snow White and more.
“Having had an eventful 2014, even with the big consumer focus on Frozen, these dolls have stood the test and little girls are collecting across the Disney Princesses assortment,” said Goodisson. “Retail has had great success and these large dolls have fantastic range support in2015, and now with the benefit of TV and PR, we can maximise everyone’s investment.”
Each doll in the range arrives with Royal Reflection Eyes and detailed dresses and accessories, and with a barrage offilms to support them, are expected to perform very well for the company.
“Disney Princess Toddlers are a core girls offering, they are the first purchase prior to any fashion doll and therefore always relevant. Movies such as Rapunzel, Ariel, Frozen and Cinderella do increase demand and enhance that character for the future,” continuedGoodisson.
“Our assortments reflect consumer affinity for key characters.”
Cinderella Live Action 14-inch Doll, Sofia the First 14-inch Doll and Frozen’s Anna and Elsa join the line-up.
Meanwhile, the Frozen, Sing-a-long with Elsa doll makes her debut this autumn/winter, encouraging youngsters to sing a duet with the heroine, by using the magic microphone.
“She sings the entire song, Let It Go, and if you start singing, she will pick up wherever you left off,” explained Goodisson.
Sing-a-long with Elsa, Disney Princess Toddler dolls and Rapunzel Hair Glow – who sings I See the Light and whose hair glows as kids brush it – will all receive TV support this year.
“These will be sizeable campaigns hitting key timings, along with the tent pole PR initiatives, including online, social media and consumer press,” said Goodisson.
“Frozen and Cinderella will also form the basis of our summer takeover of Disney Junior, to include ident and competition spots running from July to the end of September.”
With so much to add to the Disney Princesses collection, Goodisson believes there is no doubt the firm will see the brand grow in value this year.
“There is no doubt the brand will extendand pull in those consumers who fell in love with our Anna and Elsa Frozen Toddlers and Snow Glow Elsa,” he concluded.

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